Friendships @ Howler

Every once in a while I’ll find something that’s completely outside of my musical umbrella, but also that I really enjoy, and Melbourne duo Friendships are one of these bands. The first song I heard was ‘Footscray 1989’ and it was something of a revelation, as was seeing them perform it at Howler In Brunswick on Thursday October 27.



The first half of the song is what draws me in. The delivery is so profoundly Australian, the mix so simple and the lyrics so relatable that it scares me a little, considering how dark it is. The piano (and tails of loops that trail off from the end of the last song), synth and the drums that close the song hide beneath a low-pass filter to make space for a mostly unprocessed vocal. The rest of Friendships’ release Nullarbor 1988-1989 is fairly different from this song, but that just encourages this song to stand out tenfold.


At Howler, the male vocalist was dressed in a leather trench coat, black akubra with a veil and his face was painted white with big black rings around his eyes to hollow them out and emphasise his cheekbones. He reminded me of a ghostly adaptation of a stockman.


In conclusion, I love finding new stuff that shocks me.


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