This last week has been a really big one for me. It’s really hitting home what an immense undertaking it is, and will continue to be, to achieve everything I want to achieve in audio, sound and music (I might need to invest in some more I/Os so I can get more out of this).


I’ve focused this last week on listing and organising some resources and contacts, and have been literally checking them off my list and now I’ve got three bands to record over the next few months, and I’m working towards a new job. The bands I’ll be working with are all pretty different, and that’s cool. Some acoustic stuff and some metal. I’ll take whatever I can at the moment.


At the moment I work for a pretty big corporate bank, which I assume has a marketing/video/sound team for it’s advertisements. Therefore, I’ve been writing around to different contacts within the bank to find out where and if such a team exists. I’ve already got my foot in the door and a whole lot of references, despite working in lending. It’s harsh, but I see a lot of the people around me rotting away while working at their desks and that’s as much as motivation to get myself together as my passion for music is.


I’ll keep this site up to date with my progress on these bands.


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