My mince was muted.

This first week of October has been a really big one, and the last hour of my Sunday evening has encapsulated it perfectly. While printing some final mixes before mastering, I started to chop up ingredients for bolognaise and listened back while (literally) stirring the pot. When I turned the sauce down to simmer and turned to boil water for the pasta, I realised I’d forgot to put mince into my sauce – and it was too late for it to cook properly. The finished printing – they sound great, and the vegetable bolognaise isn’t so bad either. everything was a mess this morning/when I started cooking, but it’s all really come together.


I’ve spent the better part of the last two months recording and mixing a small project for a friend – tonight is the deadline. I’ve been mixing and tweaking for close to eight hours, and while eight hours of work isn’t strange, I’ve never knuckled down and mixed for that long. I’m constantly telling myself that I need to manage my own time better, but I never learn. Food for thought I guess.


The mixes will be up here once mastered.


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