Jingle Timelines

Having worked on this project for a few weeks without a solid plan has really driven home how important it is to treat every project the same and plan ahead to you’ve got a timeline to stick to, and expectations for yourself. I shouldn’t expect a quality end result without a quality plan.


  • Weeks 5-8 – Select ads and begin mapping tempos for music & dialogue.
  • Week 9 – Finalise scores/music and record ‘scratch’ tracks to show in Week 10
  • Week 10 – Show progress in class. Begin to work on ‘brand’ website/Wordpress.
  • Week 11 – Record folly and final takes of music. Mix the tracks and consolidate video & audio into files.
  • Week 12 – Final touches. Upload ads to website with ‘colleagues’, ready for presentation.
  • Week 13 – Present and finish.

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