Freelance work over the last ten weeks

In addition to my class work in AUD210 over the last 10 weeks, I’ve endeavoured to record as much as I can outside of uni. I was contacted by two metal band, both with different projects and expectations. The first project is an unnamed band, who contacted me to record a short demo for them. The second is a band called COLOSSVS, who are releasing a single ahead of their sophomore album.

I arranged to meet the first, unnamed band on the fifteenth of May at Freakshow in Ascot Vale to start pre-production for the demo, as I’d never heard the songs and the band wasn’t complete. Freakshow is a small museum that exhibits oddities, has a tattoo parlour and a rehearsal room and recording studio. The goal of the demo was to generate interest to find band members. At the time, we intended to do MIDI drums and real guitars and bass + vocals, so those final mixes would be my deliverables to the band. I had received some reference tracks in February with no bass or vocals. We recorded scratch guitar parts on the afternoon of the fiftteenth, and worked through each of the five songs, ensuring the band and myself were happy with the arrangements. The following week, I sent the band some rough mixes pf the scratch tracks. Unfortunately, the project has been held up due to my scratch tracks being the first time the band had heard the songs in their entirety and want to re-work them. The band has also had some interest from potential members and they’ve been practising the songs as a band. I’ve been in contact with their progress, and we’ve tentatively organised to catch up the week of May 15th to discuss the future of the project.
The second project I’ve been working on is for a band COLOSSVS. They’re a black/death metal band from Melbourne and planned to release a single with a video + announcing a new frontman. I was contacted to record DI guitars and bass, as well as vocals to be re-amp’d and mixed by another engineer in Perth, Sam Allen. We started by tracking DI guitars on June twelfth at my house:
File 8-08-2016, 10 00 07 PM
The guitar tracks were DI’d + a track through a Mesa Boogie pre-amp so the guitarist could hear a more realistic amp tone. We had some MIDI drums tracks ready from Sam, as the single wouldn’t feature any real, acoustic drums. The following week, we recorded bass DI at Aesthetic Studios in Pascoe Vale, but also recorded an amp because the bass player in COLOSSVS has a signature sound that he wanted to preserve without leaving it totally up to Sam’s re-amping.
I had to invest in an AKGD112 for this as the band couldn’t make it to SAE on such short notice, and I didn’t have a microphone that could capture the frequencies we needed for bass. I’m happy to oblige where new gear is on the table:

File 8-08-2016, 10 57 18 PM

I committed and consolidated all the guitar and bass tracks and sent them to Sam in Perth, which was the first of my deliverables completed. Almost exactly a month later, we recorded vocals in one of the small Audient studios over my rough mix of the Mesa Boogie guitars, drums and bass, as we hadn’t received a mix from Sam yet. The following day, I delivered comp’d vocals to Sam and my role initially agreed in the project was complete. However, a few weeks after I’d delivered the vocals, the band had a video shoot booked, so I delivered my rough mixes with a tone + one second gap to signal the start of the video. Unfortunately the mix from Sam isn’t ready, so the band has announced their new frontman and will release the single and video shortly.
File 8-08-2016, 9 58 51 PM

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