The Sowers of Discord REMIX

I’ve chosen to expand my horizons a little and remix a song called Sowers of Discord (SoD), written and recorded by my friend Paul Blomfield for his solo project, Absinthius, off of the album IX. SoD is a 7 minute song and I don’t intend to remix the song start to finish, more so to take more specified sections and elaborate on them in a more electronic fashion. I’m citing Justice as a major influence in the remix, hoping to imitate the way they sample traditional rock sounds (acoustic drums, overdriven guitar, slap bass) into undeniably electronic music.
Paul plays a seven string guitar tuned to A (110Hz), so the guitars hold a lot of weight in the bottom end of the mix. A kick sample will need to be very bottom heavy to cut through, so I’m leading towards an 808. To retain a similar timbre to Paul’s original, I’ll also focus on finding a tight, sharp snare sample. However, I won’t necessarily use a snare – I may use a clap or other found sound that imitates the character of the snare in relation to the song and groove. Bass will need to be thick, present and groovy – a traditional synth at a very low octave maybe? Overall the mix will need a lot of ambience with the help of sparse drums, reverbs and delays. Tonally, I’d like a metallic, industrial sound.
As far as arrangement goes, a lot of the song is particularly dense and very ‘metal’ sounding. I’ll have to choose specific sections and hooks to focus on to create a more spacious and electronic remix. At about 4:30 the song begins to display some of the space characteristics I wish to elaborate on – hall reverbs and delays. The vocals will be difficult to incorporate, however I may use them as background ‘noise’ than a focus in the remix. Paul has left artistsic interpretation open to me and while he’d love to hear the finished project, has no qualms having the song flipped on its head. There are no parts to the track that he wishes to retain or exclude.
In conclusion, I will be aiming for a particularly deep, industrial sound with plenty of space and rock characteristics arranged into a more traditional electronic groove.

One thought on “The Sowers of Discord REMIX

  1. Lots of good ideas in your plan for this one. You’ll need to be careful that you don’t put too much stuff down in the bottom end. Using sidechain compression here will help and being ruthless about which parts you think are most important to use in that part of the frequency band.


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