What’s my social net worth?

As I discussed in my most recent post, it’s 2016 and we’re wheeling and dealing on the internet. Our audio services aren’t being listed in the white pages anymore, however word of mouth is still a helpful tool in the music industry, e.g. someone hearing an album you’ve engineered, mixed, mastered, produced and asking “Wow, who did this?” Attaining work initially is another beast that needs to be tackled. I also discussed last week the important if differentiating your personal and professional self, however the more popular you become,e the lines between this become blurred as fans of your work want to follow your every day life. Social media can be stereotyped as ironically anti-social, or it can be harnessed as a great tool to be connect and advertise your work, skills and CV.

As an aspiring mix engineer with little to no online following, the readings this week made some good points about firstly building an online following and secondly, retaining them. Contrary to my points above about differentiating your personal and work self, the readings stated that online followers would rather follow a ‘person’ than a seemingly heartless, self promoting robot, which speaks volumes to retaining a following. More often than I care to admit, I follow musicians or engineers that I admire, only to unfollow them because they haven’t updated their socials in a week, or that any posts they have made are promoting a product I already knew about with no new information. I’ve recently changed my personal Instagram page to @ravenshall, to match the name I’ve come up with for myself: Raven’s Hall Recordings. The readings also discussed choosing an alias, e.g. Raven’s Hall or representing myself on my social. This is a tough one – I feel a heavy metal audience would be more attracted to an alias, however, as discussed last week I also don’t want to limit my own market. However, Instagram account @Anthropologie posted a “puppy… received 7,640 likes and a picture of their personal shoppers posing at a company luncheon event received 3,457” (Hemley, 2013). This is evidence that followers are retained or gained from posts other than the norm on your site. What will my ‘puppy’ be?
LinkedIn is traditionally aimed at a more corporate crowd, which at first glance isn’t for me. However, I’m currently paying the bills with a corporate job, and receive LinkedIn requests almost daily for an account I don’t use. Sure there are other employees like me who have interests outside of work, who play in bands, know someone who plays in a band, or want to start a band. I’d happily assist musicians of any level produce a recording – it’s all experience to me. LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular, so I should get my profile up to scratch asap, as potential employers, customers and clients are turned to LinkedIn ‘when it comes to hiring or headhunting new talent.’ (Redstart Publications, 2016).
I also joined the Avid Forum two weeks ago with the intention (note: still pending) of posting in the forums, answering questions and asking question in the hope that other users would see links to my socials on my Avid profile. Jason Falls states that forums are “old school social media — are still one of, if not the most popular place to ask and answer questions” (Falls, 2016). I’m also an avid (heh heh) fan of British producer Andy Sneap, who has a Facebook fan group and online forum, and I have a similar intention of posting and being a part of his forum to shepherd a more heavy metal market towards my socials. Having a clear and concise signature for your forum profile allows “more people to connect with you,” and gives “full disclosure should you talk about your brand in forum conversations” (Falls, 2016)
In conclusion, I’m really going to focus on my social networks over the next few weeks and try to gain some followers. Once I can get some work or projects to be a part of, hopefully word of mouth and my results will speak for itself. I might retain the Raven’s Hall alias, but ensure that my posts are from a person who enjoys audio and all it’s intricacies, because I think that is easier for followers to relate to than shameless self promotion… but I’m not closed to that idea either.
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